It stems from the vision and mission of being transformational in the way healthcare is delivered by focusing on high-quality care and an unparalleled patient experience”.

Dr. Adnan Ezzat, CEO of AHMC

The journey for Aldara started in 2010. We recognized that patients want to be treated in a human, respectful way, in an efficient manner, and by knowledgeable and professional staff. To make this a reality, it brought together a team of highly experienced and passionate medical professionals, led by an experienced global executive team equipped with robust & state of the art technologies.

It is about taking intellectual know-how, property and processes combining them with local knowledge and local execution”.

Mr. Osman Minkara, Managing Director of AMC

Our unique business model aims to adopt and localize the best North American and Western healthcare practices for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Aldara’s strategic alliance with Henry Ford Health System added strength to those efforts and a new perspective to our vision. The ability of to draw on the System’s vast experience, heritage, and knowhow of delivering healthcare has been instrumental in the design of AHMC.

“[Aldara] is a ’phenomenal and unique model’ in the middle east region”.

Dr. William Conway, CEO of Henry Ford Medical Group

Aldara prides itself on spearheading a new and unique healthcare delivery model in the middle east region. By shifting from a predominantly acute, episodic in-patient model to an ambulatory care model that integrates wellness and prevention, we aim to provide a more efficient, higher-quality of care.

Every aspect of Aldara’s business is focused on setting new standards in the Saudi healthcare sector.


Aldara has been shaped by a number of milestone events. The most significant to date are highlighted below:


· The birth of Aldara concept

· Affiliation agreement between Aldara and Henry Ford Health System


· Appointment of key architectural consultants, including HOK, Hobbs & Black and Faithful & Gould


· Site demolition and excavation


· Substructure construction and main contracting work


· Appointment of Experienced CEO for Aldara

· Agreement between Aldara and King Faisal Specialist Hospital

· Agreement between Aldara and Al Faisal University


· Appointment of Aldara Senior leadership

· Participation in Saudi International Medical Education Conference

· Participation in Saudi Healthcare Forum


· Appointment of Aldara Board of Directors

· Participation in Healthcare Information and Management System Society

A superior outpatient facility

Aldara Hospital and Medical Center is one of Saudi Arabia’s largest and most technically-advanced outpatient centers, offering superior patient care.

The ambulatory care center delivers consultation, treatment and aftercare using advanced techniques and procedures.The evolution in technology and advances in medical working practices have increased the flexibility of treatments for acute illnesses and preventive healthcare in an outpatient setting.

We echo Saudi Vision 2030 of transforming the healthcare sector of KSA. Aldara is continually focusing its efforts on the advancement of the healthcare industry with the objective of bringing the Saudi healthcare offering on par with the most advanced in the world.

Our commitment is reflected in our vision. The following factors serve as guiding principles for our success:

· Starting with the right vision

Aldara’s vision is to set new standards for clinical excellence and the patient experience by transitioning the healthcare model from ‘episodic’ to prevention and wellness.

· Learning from best practices and looking outside the industry for inspiration

Aldara’s vision of reshaping the healthcare services is driven by its constant efforts to identify, learn and adapt effective international practices. We draw on innovations both within and outside the industry to enhance the Aldara system.

· Focusing on quality and patient safety

Quality care and patient wellbeing are at the heart of all that we do. To achieve this, we employ highly trained certified medical experts, qualified nursing staff and proficient support staff. Proven process and procedures are hard wired into our organization’s DNA.

· Pride in our people

People are Aldara’s most prized possession, which is why special attention is given to recruiting, inducting and our healthcare professionals. Whether medical, clinical or support services, we invest in our people to ensure they are technically proficient and champion our vision.

· Leveraging technology

The use innovation and leading-edge technology is built into every element of care the patient experience. Our integrated and technologically advanced approach maximizes operational efficiencies. Using a sophisticated IT platform, information flows seamlessly between caregivers and patients to deliver an unparalleled patient care experience.

· Spaces designed to make patients, their families, and our employees feel better

Patient and family comfort and service quality are important to us. Our modern, light and spacious Center was designed by the leading US healthcare architectural firm, HOK and Hobbs and Black. It is a purpose-built healthcare facility, with state-of-art medical equipment.