Our Vision

Our vision statement is simple, ambitious and inspiring:


Our values

Our values define who we are. They guide our actions and behavior, how we care for our patients, and how we engage with the community.

· Trust and respect

To be trusted is what we aspire to, and respect is what we give in return.

At Aldara, our patients’ charter isn’t just words — it’s a way of life.

We promise to treat every patient with respect, and to consider their long-term health and overall wellbeing while providing their medical treatment.

· Excellence and efficiency

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Delivering quality healthcare isn’t just about medical outcomes; it’s about the entire patient experience. Our state-of the art healthcare facility is designed to be light, modern and spacious. Our staff are experienced, highly-trained and respectful at all times.

We invest in the most advanced IT and communications infrastructures and state of the art processes to improve operational efficiencies.

· Collaboration and advancement

Collaboration is at the heart of our business.

We work with carefully selected partners across industries in pursuit of best practice. We don’t just replicate the highest standards of patient care, we seek to optimize, customize and enhance it:

· By collaborating with the best healthcare professionals in our industry we will set and uphold better standards of care

· By collaborating with insurers and employers we will improve medical outcomes

· By collaborating with the Government we will advance overall population health

· Access and accountability

We are accessible in every sense of the word. From beginning to end we make the experience as simple as possible. We communicate clearly, empowering patients to make informed decisions about their care.

Access also means affordability. We offer healthcare at competitive prices, but never compromise on quality. We’re accountable for the care we deliver, and plan make AHMC the first hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to publish data on medical outcomes.