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Aldara & Henry Ford

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Aldara Hospital and Medical Center (Aldara) opens in 2020 with more than a century of world-class medical expertise behind it

Aldara’s vision to set the gold standard for clinical excellence and patient experience in the Middle East began in 2010, with a long-term strategic collaboration with Henry Ford Health System, one of the largest and most integrated healthcare systems in the U.S.  Henry Ford Health System has been operating for over 100 years; each year, HFHS treats more than four million out-patients and completes around 100,000 surgical procedures.  In 2011, HFHS was the first healthcare system in the country honored with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, America’s highest honor for innovation and performance excellence.

Henry Ford Health System chose to partner with Aldara due to our unique business model and the strength of Aldara’s management team. Our collaboration with HFHS helps Aldara access top medical experts and clinical practices from around the world.  As a result, Aldara is equipped to provide superior care and premium services to the Kingdom, contributing to longer and healthier lives.

The integrated healthcare system at Aldara includes state-of-the-art patient-centric care, complemented by a world-class healthcare facility and robust information technology solutions.