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The Women’s health department will provide the following :

Antenatal clinic

This clinic sees pregnant women early in pregnancy to accurately estimate the expected date of delivery. It will provide comprehensive antenatal care during pregnancy including pregnancy blood and urine testing, glucose tolerance test to screen for diabetes in pregnancy, fetal assessment using ultrasound scanning and if needed cardiotocography, antenatal education, screening for GBS. The schedule of the antenatal visits will be in accordance with best antenatal care practice.

Maternal fetal medicine clinic

This clinic will be providing dating and NT scan, 18 -20 weeks anomaly scan, fetal growth scan, assessment of amniotic fluid volume and fetal doppler and echocardiogram. Counselling for women with high risk for fetal chromosomal anomaly and women diagnosed with fetal anomalies, multiple pregnancy and high-risk pregnant women with medical problems.

The Women’s health department offer:

Vaginal birth

Cesarean section birth

Cervical cerclage

Doctors in this Department