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Al Dara Hospital and Medical Center signs a cooperation agreement to commit to education and research with Al-Faisal University

Aldar Hospital and the Medical Center signed a cooperation agreement with the College of Medicine at Al-Faisal University to exchange resources and experiences in pursuit of common goals. Under the terms of the five-year agreement, both institutions agree to share their experiences and resources to reach their shared goals, such as facilitating education and training for health professionals and improving patient care. As this agreement will lead to the development of both high-quality clinical teaching programs and medical research and improved use of resources between the two institutions.


The Dara Center project, the largest and most technologically advanced outpatient facility in Riyadh, is located next to the Al-Faisal University campus in Riyadh. This enables the medical staff in the department to reach Al-Faisal University for the purposes of teaching, training and research. Where the circuit will become a hospital outside the University of Al-Faisal, allowing students of the College of Medicine to take turns and internships there. The two organizations will also be able to set joint dates for the participation of specialized medical personnel.


Dr. Adnan Ezzat, CEO of Al Dara Hospital and Medical Center said: “Our vision in Al Dara is to create a facility that provides high-quality healthcare and a positive experience for patients. Excellence in teaching, training and research is vital to achieving this goal, and we are pleased to work with Al Faisal University to achieve our common goals in These areas.