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On Wednesday April 28, 2021, the Department of Pregnancy and Obstetrics at Aldara Hospital and Medical Center in Riyadh performed its first baby delivery operation in spite of Covid- 19 epidemic conditions. The staff of the Pregnancy and Obstetrics Department was like family to the mother in the absence of her family due to the aforementioned conditions.

Upon admission of the patient, the Aldara staff conducted tests and 4D-ray images through the "pregnancy follow-up" program approved at the hospital to provide the mother a satisfactory and accurate experience, ensuring the health of the mother and fetus.

After the successful delivery, the nursing staff checked the mother’s health, congratulated her and offered her souvenirs.

Health education specialists’ visit was next. They provided the mother with the necessary information about the importance of breastfeeding, including positioning and latch on. The Department of Pregnancy and Obstetrics, as it stated, shall follow up with the mother remotely after discharge, and the specialist doctor shall be in constant contact with her throughout this period.

Aldara expressed its pride and contentment for this success and wished lasting health for the newborn "Mona". Dr. Hadia Naous expressed her feelings of joy for the Department’s first newborn and wished the little baby girl a happy and prosperous future and life.

Aldara also thanked the nursing team led by Mary Zinsmeister and Sarah Al Zahran for their efforts in making the hospital's first delivery a success.

Aldara is a new destination for those looking for an exceptional experience and distinctive health care services provided through state-of-the-art medical equipment and a very professional medical staff.