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Aldara launches health educational activities during the holy month of Ramadan



While during the holy month of Ramadan, most social media pages compete to present the latest updates, Aldara hospital and medical center was a forerunner in sharing medical publications and covering topics and tips related to this Holy Month.


At the beginning of Ramadan, Aldara focused its media coverage on educating pregnant and breastfeeding women on fasting:  Dr. Hadia Naous, in her interview for MBC FM radio discussed guidelines for a safe fasting; what to avoid during stages of fasting; and how can pregnant or breastfeeding women deal with these stages, in addition to information about healthy diets that will help them fast smoothly and avoid fatigue.


Aldara took also diabetics into consideration and gave tips on health enhancement through moderate exercising after Tarawih, diet control, and healthy eating.


In mid-Ramadan, Aldara addressed an important topic on children's fasting, how parents should care for the fasting child and what a child might face, in addition to child preparation for fasting. Dr. Nisreen Al Waalan stated in another radio interview for MBC FM that the process of preparing a child for fasting on his first day must be taken into account, and attention must be given to the child while fasting for the first time. She also mentioned that the child's preparation for fasting must start before Ramadan, by moderately reducing the amount of food and drinking more fluids, so the child becomes accustomed to fasting during the holy month.


Aldara also discussed the nutritional habits of children in Ramadan, and what are the best meals that help the child to fast in a safe and healthy way.


Listen to the radio interview with Dr. Hadia Naous, in which she talked about women's health in Ramadan:

Listen to the radio interview with Dr. Nisreen Al Waalan, in which she talked about children's fasting and what should they do during fasting: