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Aldara shares disruptive healthcare model with an international audience at Saudi American Healthcare Forum

Aldara Managing Director Osman R. Minkara chaired the “Innovation and Disruption in Healthcare” panel at the recent Saudi American Healthcare Forum. The session focused on the Kingdom’s fast-growing healthcare market and how demographics, changing population health requirements and constraints on the public sector all point toward a need for an innovative approach to service and delivery. Aldara’s vision and mission are consistent with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, aiming to make the Saudi Arabian healthcare market attractive for both private capital and ‘Western’ medical groups.


There are now a number of U.S. and European hospital groups operating in the Kingdom, sometimes in partnership with local providers. The panel highlighted the disruptive nature of Aldara’s strategic relationship with the U.S.-based Henry Ford Health System, which allows the new medical center in the heart of Riyadh to combine international best practices, local know-how and strategic investments in IT, equipment and processes to deliver accessible, high quality healthcare and an exceptional patient experience.