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Aldara’s Pink October in Collaboration with Zahra Association for Breast Cancer Awareness

Aldara Hospital celebrates and draws awareness to Breast Cancer Awareness month. Aldara vouches for the importance of screening as breast cancer is one the most common cancer in women.


Breast Cancer Awareness month involves the wearing of pink in order to raise awareness and spread the vitality of screening tests in order for early detection.

Aldara addresses the importance of screening as 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.


In order to combat the risk, and in alignment with Aldara’s mission of focusing on preventive care, Aldara Hospital has set up a booth within the hospital, in collaboration with the reputable Zahra Association; educating visitors about breast cancer, people who are more at risk, and when is the best time for screening.

Highly interactive, the Booth featured health educators, educational material, a selling point for Zahra products and a light hearted spinning wheel where visitors can spin for habit to adopt!

Spreading awareness is crucial to the decrease of cancer risk. Aldara voices preventive measures through maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying physically active.