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Eid and nursing week at Aldara Hospital and Medical Center


Ramadan came to its end , Aldara hospital and medical center expressed it gratitude to  its staff for their dedication  and wished them happy Eid. It also thanked the Nursing Department team led by Mrs. Mary Sue Zinsmeister and Mrs. Sarah Al Zahran.

Aldara celebrated Eid Al Fitr with its doctors, on-duty doctors and the staff of the nursing department by distributing breakfast and dinner meals. It was a joyful celebration for Eid, for the completion of work in the Holy Month of Ramadan, and for the achievement and dedication of all departments.

Celebrations continued at the hospital as Aldara celebrated International Nursing Week by holding an event and with the participation of the nurses, in addition to allocating a corner in which educational banners on the event were placed. The celebration included also some activities for the nurses creating a very active and happy atmosphere.