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In an Interview with ‘Sabah Al Kheir Ya Arab’ Aldara’s CEO Sheds Light On Aldara’s Exceptional Experience One Year After Its Opening


“Sabah al-Kheir ya Arab” the morning TV show broadcast on MBC channel, hosted an enriching interview with the CEO of Aldara Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC), Professor Adnan Ezzat, and Aldara’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Fadia Al-Buhairan, to talk about the hospital’s foundation story. It all began when Prof. Ezzat reversed his retirement decision, to invest his long experience in a project that would yield positive impact on people’s lives in Saudi Arabia


To better describe his vision, Prof. Ezzat touched on Aldara’s mission and goals and the efforts exerted to achieve them through local and global partnerships with top-notch health institutions and medical insurance companies.


For her part, Dr. Al-Buhairan shed some light on Aldara’s medical departments which are offering state of the art curative and preventive care, including the pioneering department of Adolescent Health, the first in KSA which covers all physical and psychological needs for this sensitive age group. Dr. Fadia also elaborated on the exceptional services Aldara offers patients through its Medical and administrative staff with world-class experience, its state-of-the-art prestigiously equipped building that offers a healing environment, and its cutting-edge technologies and procedures that all center around providing an unmatched patient experience.


Watch the full interview from the link below and discover Aldara!