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Women’s Health Tops Aldara Priorities with Various Services and Specific Prevention Programs “You Are Our Top Priority”


Amid a fast-paced lifestyle, and with the active participation of women in the development of the society and their influential presence in all aspects, it has become necessary to earmark specific programs and quality services that look after women’s health and support their success.


Aldara launched a campaign titled “Your health is our priority, Your success is our priority, You are our top priority”, aiming to raise awareness on women’s health as well as empower women by shedding light on the possible risks they might encounter, the preventive measures they can take, and the best treatment options they can seek.


To best convey this message, Aldara promoted the campaign messages and slogans through banners and visual displays within the hospital, and set up medical booths across its four floors where every woman can engage with Aldara women’s health educators to ask about anything related to her health.

Services offered by Aldara specifically to women throughout the stages of her life vary from childbirth services, gynecological services, and necessary screening tests, all run by top-notch specialized physicians with global expertise.

Also, building on the premise to promote preventive over curative care, we have provided age-appropriate prevention programs specific to women. The preventive screening program is divided into three age groups:

-           Preventive Screening Program “1”: age from 21 to 39

-           Preventive Screening Program “2”: age from 40 to 59

-           Preventive Screening Program “3”: over 50


These programs provide a primary assessment of women’s health in general through early screening and examination, promoting a healthier lifestyle for women and maintaining their wellness and happiness.


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