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Salwa Masood


Dr. Salwa Masood




Specialty: Imaging


Years of Experience: 5


Credentials & Certifications:

  • Egyptian Bachelor’s Degree in medicine,Ain Shams University

  • Obtained a master's degree in radio diagnosis, Egypt

  • Assistant Lecturer at Ain Shams University m, Egypt


  • Joined Aldara in 2018 as a specialist in radiology, bringing more than five years of experience in diagnostic radiology, ranging from X- rays, ultrasound and CT scans to MRI and stereo tactic biopsies. Prior to this, Dr. Salwa served as specialist in radiology at Saad Specialist Hospital

  • Completed a three year residency training program in Egypt

  • Experienced working in Saudi Arabia’s major hospitals, including Security Forces Hospital and the Mouwasat Hospital in the Eastern Region


Achievements & Awards:

  • Has a passion for teaching and has been involved in medical education throughout her career. She is currently an Assistant Lecturer at Ain Shams University.