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Bassam AlKassab


Dr. Bassam AlKassab


Specialty: Rheumatology



  •  20 years of experience.

  • Consultant Rheumatology more than Years of Experiences in France and Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, Worked in ALHAMMADI Hospitals Riyadh from 7 November 2016  up to 6 November 2020 as Consultant Rheumatology.

  • Worked at Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City Riyadh from 3 August 2002 up to 30 October 2020 as Consultant Rheumatology / Internal Medicine .

  • Worked at King Fahd International Airport -Dammam from 21 November 1999 To 28 June 2002 as Consultant Rheumatology / Internal Medicine


  • French Board of Rheumatology-Claude Bernard University -Lyon-FRANCE

  • MBBS-Damascus University - Syria

Recognitions, Certificates:

  • Consultant Rheumatology over the 20 years of experiences in Saudi Arabia treating all Rheumatology diseases with excellent patients satisfactions and excellent relation ships with colleagues supervisor and medical  non medical staff

  • Member of  the Saudi Society  for Rheumatology

  • Doing all Rheumatology procedures Especially treating Knees Osteoarthritis without Surgery