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Samir Ghourab

Women’s Health

Dr. Samir Ghourab




Perinatology and General Obstetrics and Gynecology


Years of Experience:

48 Years


Credentials & Certifications: 

  • Mb Bch 1972 Alexandria university

  • MRCOG 1981

  • FRCOG 1995



  • Innovated and effective management of Placental and complicated obstetrics hemorrhage

  • Diagnostic ultrasound in all aspects of OBS&GYN

  • Surgical and medical management of a wide variety of gynecological and obstetrics cases encompassing rare conditions


Achievements & Awards:

  • Academic, teaching and training of undergraduate and postgraduate and awarded twice a teacher of year at KSU MEDICAL COLLEGE

  • Research in abnormal placenta, which impact the classification and introducing a new effective and simple approach in managing placenta increta

  • Diagnostic and treatment of rare obstetrics and gynecological conditions