About Aldara

Aldara’s journey

Started in 2010. Frustrated by the pitfalls of hospital care in the region, we sought another way. We set out to raise the bar by creating new standards in both clinical excellence and patient experience, creating a healthcare model that moves beyond acute, episodic care to a focus on lifelong well-being: better health, every day. We bring 100 years of Western healthcare expertise and access to thousands of top-tier consultants to Saudi Arabia through our strategic alliance with HFHS, one of America’s largest integrated healthcare providers. Drawing on HFHS’s experience has been instrumental in developing our own best practices and standards of care.

Realizing such an ambitious vision requires an exceptional team. Our medical staff consists of the best talent from around the world, each with impressive track records in diverse specialities. We are led by an experienced global executive team operating in Riyadh but drawing on the best practices and expertize offered by a global partnership with Henry Ford Health System (HFHS). Our hospital is outfitted with advanced technologies and is designed to encourage a holistic healing process.

Aldara’s innovative focus on wellness, our commitment to providing care with a human touch, our optimal healing environment and our integrated excellence across disciplines makes us truly one of a kind in the Middle East region.

Transforming Healthcare

We are setting new standards for clinical excellence and the patient experience by transitioning the healthcare model from solely ‘episodic’ acute care to a new focus on prevention and wellness.

Finding Inspiration Around The Globe

Our aim to reshape healthcare services is driven by its constant efforts to identify, learn and adapt effective international practices. We draw on innovations both within and outside the industry to enhance the Aldara model.

Ensuring Quality And Safety

Quality care and patient wellbeing are at the heart of all we do. To achieve this, we employ highly-trained, certified medical experts, qualified nursing staff and proficient support staff. Proven processes and procedures are hardwired into our organization’s DNA.

Investing In People

We are nothing without our people, which is why special attention is given to recruiting and training our healthcare professionals. Whether medical, clinical or support services, we invest in our people to ensure they are team-players and champion our vision.

Connecting With Technology

Investing in IT systems allows us to deliver the seamless experience our patients deserve. For example, our single electronic patient record system improves the quality and efficiency of care, preventing the fragmentation and missing information that can occur with multiple electronic health record providers.

Optimized Healing Environment

Research shows that effective building design is particularly important in hospitals but is often overlooked. We designed every aspect of our buildings to maximize its potential to help in the healing process, from quality light systems to soundproof rooms to comfortable temperature controls. The exquisite gardens surrounding the site mean the healing power of nature is never too far away for our patients.

Vision, Mission, And Values

Our Vision

Set new standards for clinical excellence and the patient experience.

Our Mission

Deliver compassionate, innovative, integrated, and personalized care to the community we serve.

Our Values

• Excellence and Efficiency : We raise the bar

• Collaboration and Advancement : We think team

• Trust and Respect : You count on us

• Access and Accountability: You can depend on us

Patients & Visitors

  • • Respect of your cultural, psychosocial, religious, and spiritual needs

    • Respect for privacy and confidentiality of care and information

    • Protection of your possessions/ belongings from theft or loss

    • Protection from physical assault and other vulnerabilities

    • Engagement in the care process and treatment plans

    • Seek a second opinion without fear of compromise to care

    • To be informed about the outcomes of planned care and treatment

    • To be told when informed consent will be required

    • To refuse medical treatment and/or leave the hospital against medical advice

    • To receive proper assessment and management of pain and respectful end of life care

    • To voice complaints, conflicts, and differences of opinion

    • To receive adequate information about your illness and proposed treatment(s)

    • To know your physician and other practitioners responsible for your care

    • To know how to donate organs and other tissues and to decide about donation in a setting free of coercion and pressure

    • Protection from injury and implementation of preventive measures including falls

    • To be informed about the expected financial cost before starting the treatment

  • • To provide complete and accurate information about his health, including medications, dietary supplements, and any allergies

    • Follow the plan of care prescribed by the treating physician and inform the medical team with any health changes in his/her condition

    • Be respectful to all staff as well as other patients and visitors

    • Be respectful to the hospital policies and procedures (e.g., visiting hours, no smoking policy, etc.)

    • Be responsible for the safe use of the hospital’s facilities and equipment

    • Decision making or the availability of guardian patient in case the patient is not able to make decision

  • Measuring and improving the patient and employee experience is a primary strategic objective for Aldara Hospital and Medical Center. We partner with HealthLinks / Press Ganey to provide the following feedback solutions:

    • Press Ganey’s Patient Voice Survey enables us to have ongoing meaningful and actionable insight into every aspect of patient perception throughout the care continuum.

    • Employee Voice Survey helps us capture and integrate the voices of our employees through three different domains: Organization Domain, Manager Domain and Employee Domain.

  • Committed leadership

    Aldara’s CEO and other leaders are members of the Quality and Patient Safety Committee and they engage in ongoing Safety Walk Rounds. We use well-defined Quality and Safety KPIs’ that demonstrate how effectively we achieve our key objectives.

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched an ambitious project, "SAWTAK”, with Datix, the world’s leading patient safety software company. This project will include the installation of Datix software nationwide. Aldara is proud to be the first and only representative from the private sector in the development of this national level project.

    Robust policies and procedures

    All Aldara’s policies and procedures are evidence-based and compliant with national and international standards including:

    1- Ministry of Health

    2- Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions

    3- Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for Hospitals

    4- Advanced technology to protect the safety and privacy of patients and employees welfare

    Our Policy Management System has access to more than 20,000 international accreditation-based documents.

    We use Datix for our Patient Incident Reporting System and to collect patient feedback. We also use Press Ganey Associates, an internationally-recognized patient experience consultancy firm, to enhance patient experience.

    Our patient care systems include Cerner (electronic medical records and an integrated database that provides a comprehensive set of capabilities) and Omnicell (medication safety).

    Highly-Qualified In-House Quality Team

    Most members of Aldara’s quality team are quality-and patient safety-certified, designated CPHQ (Certified Professional and Healthcare Quality) and/or CPPS (Certified Professional in Patient Safety).

Executive Management

Dr. Faisal Al Battah

Chief Executive Officer

Yannis Angouras

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Fahad Alkubaidan

Chief Medical Officer

Naser Shwaihet

Interim Chief Nursing Officer

Working At Aldara

We believe that a passionate and experienced team of healthcare professionals is necessary to provide the best patient care. We are dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages professional and personal growth.

Compensation and Benefits

Our compensation philosophy is designed to attract the right talent to our organization, those who will help us deliver our promise to all of our patients.

Learning and Development

We encourage and support learning and professional development across our organization. We have carefully constructed engaging training programs, supported by a learning management system that enhances the experience and allows you to track your progress throughout your career with us.

Happiness at Work

We recognize that our employees will spend a large amount of time at work. Therefore, we want to ensure that you look forward to coming to work and can deliver your best, knowing that your efforts will be recognized and rewarded.

Growing your Career

We promote internal growth within the organization and support career progression. With multiple facilities and departments, our employees have the opportunity to explore various aspects of the organization and apply for positions that will both excite them and keep them engaged.

If you are passionate about extending care within the community and want to excel in your career, Aldara is the place to do so. The benefits of working at Aldara include:

  • A conducive work environment designed to enhance personal and professional growth
  • Advanced medical technology led by world-renowned experts
  • Talent recognition and opportunities to maximize potential
  • World-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical technologies

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